Hats Hats Hats!

Quality and Refinement, like no other!

It is my pleasure to feature Jan Wutkowski of Hats Hats Hats on Fierce Lives Here. I will be featuring the most influential, established and up-and-coming Milliners from all around the world.

5 Simple questions. 5 Wonderful answers!

Credit: Jan Wutkowski, Milliner.

1. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been making hats since 1995. I studied under Waltraud Reiner, in Melbourne, Australia. Almost 4 years ago I opened a retail store in an historic city on the Atlantic Ocean–Wilmington, North Carolina

Credit: Fancy free, felt blocked over a great old block.

2. Give me 3 words that describe your aesthetic.

Form |Function |Fun

3. Who is the Jan Wutkowski client?

She’s confident, with some money to throw around on herself; she’s stylish without being a fashion fiend. Anywhere from mid-20’s to mid-70’s; she’s one-of-a-kind!

Credit: An elegant piece, sinamay blocked over a 50’s block.

4. Who have/would you love to hat?

Past: Princess Dianna  Present: Michelle Obama Future: The next September cover of  Vogue magazine!!! (LOVE IT – Jorge)

Credit: A beautiful aquamarine green silk straw piece, free formed.

5. Give me a quote you live by.

“The hat on your head is remarkably representative of what is going on inside your head.”

Website: http://www.hatshatshats.com
Blog: http://www.janshatshatshats.blogspot.com
Facebook: Amuse.Artisanal.Finery

Note: It is my pleasure to keep in touch with Jan. Jan brings a sense of fun to her work that I love, with a touch of vintage, always classic. Thank you Jan, for giving me this opportunity to share with the community how wonderful you and your creations are.

Credit: What a romantic cloche!

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