Anna Dello Russo says…

The DO’s of hat wearing!

Credit: ADR in Piers Atkinson cherry headpiece, via

During the fashion tour, many people asked me why I was wearing my CHERRY or WATER MELON hat. Why not?”

Credit: ADR in Piers Atkinson watermellon headpiece, Patrick McMullan.


1. GO BOLD as Miuccia Prada said after her phenomenal show.

2. From HEAD to TOE?I f you focus on your head, the feet has to be quite anonymous.

3. Don’t wear hats everyday! The effect will be stronger.

4. Try the LOOK! At the end you have to look pretty in your face.

5. Quality of the hats has to be high and refined.

Credit: Anna Dello Russo , Tommy Ton.

6. FRUITS will be the big trend of next season.

7. MATCH your hat with your dress. This’s what teaches us the QUEEN ELIZABETH.

8. FEATHERS looks always fabulous!

9. Don’t take off the hat when you get inside, it’s part of your LOOK!

10. When people look at you, just SMILE!” -Anna

Credit: Anna Dello Russo, Peter Stiger & Ana Clara Garmendia.


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